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Swedish Land Banking

Don’t have time to write a longer blog entry, but thought I’d put this up here – starting in the 1880s, Swedish cities began buying land.  This was land within the city limits, or just outside where the population was sure to spread.  This enabled them to control what was built in much of urban Sweden, including Stockholm, the country’s main city, and it worked.  Very well.  I have a thought or two on this subject and I’ll write a longer essay, but here’s a link to the article I read about it (although it ain’t free) –  Very interesting stuff, and the article is only from 1970 – for a more recent look at Stockholm’s development, there’s a chapter in The Transit Metropolis by Robert Cervero, a book I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to know more about mass transit.  Anyway, more on the subject soon.


The Times covers Curitiba

Here’s a 2007 article chronicling the story of the Brazilian city of Curitiba, covering some facets not often spoken of:

The author explains that while the city is legendary in its urban planning accomplishments, the commitment to the policies that formed the exemplary city is waning.  It also touches on the fact that much of these policies were implemented during the Brazilian military dictatorship, and in many ways benefited from the lack of democratic process at the time.  Cool stuff, check it out.

This little slice of the internet will focus on urban issues, and will mostly be about new ideas and interesting ideas from the past.  I’ve been blogging for a while on these topics, and here’s the old blog:

This one will obviously overlap with the old one, but hopefully not too much.  Anyway I hope you learn something here, or are at least intellectually stimulated.  Thanks for visiting.